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Elliot Lake Minor Hockey Association

2015 - 2016 Season

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ELMHA General Meeting July 7th, 2016

On the evening of July 7th the Elliot Lake Minor Hockey Executive held a general meeting to go over the recent changes to the CAHL and how they effect our association.  The meeting was open to all member of the Elliot Lake Association and many were in attendance.  The executive called the meeting to inform the membership of the changes and seek guidance on how to proceed with finding a place for Elliot Lake's house league teams to play.  Right now it seems that Elliot Lake is the only hockey association left in the CAHL.  Newly appointed CAHL Rep, Jeff Schell, and out going CAHL Rep, John Tyler, talked to the group about the events that got us to this point in time.  Options were presented about where our house league teams will play for the next season.  Here is a summary of the three main options that are being looked at:

1. Look to the Sudbury area.  Midget, Bantam, and Peewee teams would play in the NEHL and Squirt to Atom teams in the ROWE league.  Our Midget and Bantam teams are already playing in the NEHL and our Peewee team would most likely be welcome too.  It has been a lot of travel over the past few years, however, and many of the parents who have done it in the past are not keen to put their kids in hockey if it means that kind of travel again.  Without these players it will be hard to form teams in these divisions.  All our NEHL home games are played in Massey too.  Jeff has not yet spoke to the ROWE league to see what kind of welcome our Squirt to Atom teams might get.  The ROWE league plays in many of the same arenas as the NEHL.  The amount of travel may be an issue for some families.

2. Look to the Sault.  Changes in the Sault have made them more receptive to allowing outside teams to join.  North Channel, Thessalon, and Blind River are all putting their teams in the Sault next season.  Squirt to Peewee teams will be in the Soo Peewee league and Bantam and Midget teams are in the Soo Major Hockey League.  Jeff has spoken to the Soo Peewee league and was left with the impression that the teams from the Soo (approx four teams next year per division) would not be willing to travel outside the Sault to play us.  Our games against the former CAHL associations (Blind River, Thessalon, and North Channel) would happen just like they have in previous years.  The Soo Peewee arena is about 2 hour and 20 mins away from Elliot Lake; the same distance as the farthest arenas of the NEHL.  Many of the games we play will be at arenas we already travel to.  The additional travel to the Sault may be an issue for some families, but would be less than travel to Sudbury with some of our games being at our home arena.  Jeff has not spoken with the Soo Major league yet.

3. Run local programs here.  Teams would travel to tournaments and try to arrange exhibition games against teams from other associations. Fundraising would have to be done to pay tournament entry fees and finding teams to play exhibition games against has been challenging for teams doing this in other associations.  With a push for increased enrolment in hockey, we may be able to have more than one team in a division and games between the two teams can also be set up.  A previous Stats Can Census (when aged forward to this year) has approx 800 kids of hockey playing age in Elliot Lake.  ELMHA enrolment is usually around 120 kids in each of the past few years.  There is some room to grow our enrolment.  Some of the kids who are not registered come out for the city run scrimmage and play on the outdoor rink.  Many of them can skate but their parents can't afford gear, or hockey fees, or just don't want to travel.  We have the RBC Equipment Lending Library to help with outfitting players.  Running everything out of our local arena should allow cost to be reduced so that it will be more affordable for these players (Jumpstart and Kidsport can help too). If we get enough players to create a three team league per division travel to other arenas for games could be reduced.  This might be possible at the Squirt to Atom level, but will be harder to do in the Bantam and Midget divisions.

After a discussion period with questions being asked and comments being presented, the group felt that an additional meeting would be needed where more detailed information could be presented before a vote take place.  The group seemed to favour exploring the Sault option first, running things in Elliot Lake second, with Sudbury as an option if the terms from the Sault were not favourable.  It may be a couple of weeks before the next meeting.  Jeff, and the executive, will gather details about each option and the meeting will be called when there is something to present.  Hopefully more advance notice will be given for the next meeting and more people will attend.  Someone suggested using an Internet survey service to do the vote so everyone can cast a vote.  The executive said they will look into it.

Update July 17th, 2016
The executive has set up a survey for our membership to take and vote on the options listed above.
The deadline for the survey is Tuesday July 19th, 2016.

Click here to take the survey.

The Annual General Meeting for the ELMHA was held on Wednesday May 11th at
the Lester B. Pearson Civic Centre.  Motions were voted on and our Constitution will be updated.
Volunteers are needed to fill the executive positions left open after the meeting:
Rep Ref Assigner
Abuse and Harassment Coordinator
HCR (Hockey Canada Registry) Read Person.

Elliot Lake Dirt Digger Challenge
Saturday August 6, 2016
This fund raiser for ELMHA will take place again this season.
The race will start at the ski hill.
Volunteers will be needed to help run the event.
This is a great way to work off your volunteer hours before the season even begins.
Please contact Stephanie Major at
if you have questions or would like to volunteer.

Registration is done through The Running Room.
Please click here to register

Montreal Canadians Alumni Team
Returns to Elliot Lake
December 9th, 2016
Elliot Lake Minor Hockey will be hosting the Montreal Canadians Alumni game on December 9, 2016.
We will be looking for volunteers to help run the event, if interested contact Stephanie Major.
We will also be looking for people to play against the Alumni team, or with the Alumni team...for a Fee!!
This is a huge fundraiser for minor hockey.
For more details contact Allyson O'Sullivan at

Coaches needed for the 2016 - 2017 Season.

Interested in being a coach?
Courses may need to be taken to qualify you to be a coach of one of our hockey teams.
ELMHA will reimburse you for the cost of the course.
Our association usually tries to host at least one coaching course a year.
Please print out and complete the application form below.
Bring completed forms to the AGM, or follow the instructions on the form to hand them in for consideration.

Click here to open a printable copy of the Coaching Application form

Registration for the 2016 - 2017 Season

Registration forms and payment can be dropped off to Allyson O'Sullivan or Carole Charbonneau.
A $50 dollar deposit along with post dated cheques (dated no later than November 1, 2016) for the remaining balance must be handed in with the form.  Players trying out for the rep teams will register for the house league division and then pay the additional Rep fee once the player makes the team.

All Fees must be paid by November 1, 2016 or the player will not be able to participate in Minor Hockey events.
Please bring a completed registration form and payment to register your player(s) for next season.

Click here for a printable copy of the 2016-2017 registration form.

New to hockey and need help outfitting your player?


Elliot Lake Minor Hockey and its partner, RBC, understand it is hard for parents of modest means to justify spending hard earned money on equipment needed for a child to participate in a new sport.  Knowing that the child may not choose to continue with the sport adds to the reluctance to spend the funds.  To help families give their players a chance to enjoy Canada’s national winter pastime, the ELMHA started an equipment lending library with a generous donation from the Royal Bank of Canada.


Donations of used equipment in excellent condition have been added to the large supply of new equipment purchased with the funds from RBC.  There is enough equipment to completely outfit many players.  Although the size of the equipment is targeting mostly younger players, there is equipment available for older players too.  Goalie equipment is also available. 


Please contact the ELMHA Equipment Manager, Julien Bouchard, for more information about accessing the library.
He can be reached by email at

CAHL Standings for the 2015 - 2016 Season

can be found on the CAHL Standings tab on the left of your screen.

New Managers Page created for all team managers
Please click on the Managers tab on the left side of your screen to access the page.
This page will replace the Manager's Binder that ELMHA created each season and hand out to the teams.
The page(s) will evolve over this season.  Please check back often for new updates.


 Uniform & Equipment Returns

A uniform collection bin has been placed at the Ruben Yli Juuti Centre (municipal pool).

Please return any jerseys and socks you may still have as soon as posible.

Equipment borrowed from ELMHA should be returned to your team manager

or to another member of the coaching staff. 


2015-2016 ELMHA Executive

Click the About Us tab on the left to see who the new members are and what position they now hold.


 Bingo Volunteers Needed

Bingo is very important to minor hockey.

They are our largest fundraiser.

Volunteers are needed for the dates listed below. 


Find out for yourself how easy it is to help out at a Bingo and earn easy volunteer hours toward your refund.

This year the executive have changed the requirements to get your volunteer refund cheque.  Once you have paid all your hockey fees in full and completed 10 volunteer hours if you have one player registered, or 15 volunteer hours if you have more than one player registered, you will receive a refund of $100 dollars for every player you paid to register in hockey.  You must also complete at least one Bingo as part of your volunteer time.  Each Bingo counts as five hours of volunteer time.


Contact your team manager to volunteer.

Friday Jan 8, 2016 - Novice

Tuesday Jan 12, 2016 - Atom

Thursday Jan14, 2016 - Peewee

Thursday Feb 11, 2016 - Bantam H.L.

Wednesday Feb 17, 2016 - Bantam Rep

Wednesday Mar 2, 2016 - Midget Rep

Tuesday Mar 22, 2016 - Squirt

 Thursday Apr 14, 2016

Thursday May 19, 2016

Saturday Jun 18, 2016

Please note that when teams have been assigned to provide two parents for the bingo they are assigned, a third person to do paperwork will also be there.  Team Managers should contact Sue Jarmovitch to provide the names of the volunteers for their team. 


 Need Help with Registration Fees & Equipment


KidSport believes that no child should be left on the sidelines and that all should be given the opportunity to experience the positive benefits of organized sport. KidSport accomplishes this by providing financial support for registration fees and/or equipment purchases through grants that go directly to the families in need.


To apply for a KidSport grant visit to download the grant application. You can also obtain a grant application from the front desk at the Ruben Yli Juuti Centre (municipal swimming pool) behind Elliot Lake Secondary School.


 For information on KidSport or the KidSport grant program please contact

1-866-641-7767 or


 Wildcat Game 50/50

Fundraiser Schedule

ELMHA is running the 50/50 draws

at the Wildcat home games.

The dates listed below are the Wildcat home games for the next few months.  The team next to the date is responsible for providing the volunteers for the fundraiser.  Each volunteer will be credited for 3 hours of volunteer time.  Once you have paid all your hockey fees in full and completed 10 volunteer hours if you have one player registered, or 15 volunteer hours if you have more than one player registered, you will receive a refund of $100 dollars for every player you paid to register in hockey.  You must also complete at least one Bingo as part of your volunteer time.

Each team must provide a minimum of two volunteers and a maximum of four.  Volunteer names must be given to the Fundraising Co-ordinator so they can be credited for their efforts.  Team Managers are responsible for finding the volunteers.  They do not have to be from the assigned team.  If you would like to work one of the days listed below, contact the Manager of the assigned team or the Fundraising Co-ordinator to volunteer.

Friday Sep 25, 2015 - Bantam H.L.

Friday Oct 2, 2015 - Peewee

Sunday Oct 4, 2015 - Atom

Friday Oct 9, 2015 - Novice

Friday Oct 23, 2015 - Squirts

Friday Oct 30, 2015 - Midget Rep

Friday Nov 6, 2015 - Bantam Rep

Sunday Nov 8, 2015 - Bantam H.L.

Friday Nov 13, 2015 - Peewee

Friday Nov 20, 2015 - Atom

Sunday Nov 22, 2015 - Novice

Friday Nov 27, 2015 - Squirt

Friday Dec 4, 2015 - Midget Rep

Sunday Dec 6, 2015 - Bantam Rep

Friday Dec 11, 2015 - Bantam

Sunday Jan 3, 2016 - Peewee

Friday Jan 8, 2016 - Atom

Friday Jan 15, 2016 - Novice

Friday Jan 22, 2016 - Squirts

Friday Jan 29, 2016 - Midget Rep

Friday Feb 12, 2016 - Bantam Rep

Friday Feb 19, 2016 - Bantam H.L.

Sunday Feb 21, 2016 - Peewee

Friday Feb 26, 2016 - Atom

Friday Mar 4, 2015 - Novice

New Updates

Jun 17, 2016 - Home page updated.

May 10, 2016 - Home page updated with AGM info

May 5, 2016 - Home and Documents & Forms page updated.

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Sep 8, 2015 - Start site roll over for new 2015-2016 season.

A message from the guy who works on maintaining this site.

This website is very much a "work-in-progress" and will always be changing,  Hopefully for the better.  Check back often to see how things progress over time.
It is my hope that this website will eventually become the first place parents and players go to for information about minor hockey in Elliot Lake and the surrounding area. 
Please remember that this website is being created by an unpaid volunteer who is doing it in their spare time.  I welcome all suggestions for additions and improvements.  I also ask for your patience as this site evolves over time.
John Tyler